Nothing – Something – Multiplication – Action

February 8, 2009

I heard these four words in our MM (Monthly Meeting). That time I was just hearing those words, Not listening. But now I really realized what the meaning of those words is.

This word contain when you want to create something that time you need to clear all the slum from the place. Then only you can create something.

In my life I used nothing as “clear your mind when you want to think something.” When some bad memories are with you then how can you create good memories??? Remove your past. Take only good memories, good lessons from your past. Remove bad things, bad experience. If you will do these things then only you will ready for accepting new things.

This word contain think something which you want to do. When there is something in your life to do then only you will go on top of the world. Because having AIM in the life teaches us how to achieve those.

Collect all those thinking which you want to implement.

Do some action on that which you are thinking.
And the main thing is accepting the truth. When you will do this then only you can do something on that. You can do action on which you are thinking.

So Friends if you will follow the same things then you will be happy for your life.. So All the best and Rock the world 🙂

One Response to “Nothing – Something – Multiplication – Action”

  1. Mandar shigwan Says:

    Dear sangeeta,
    I m fully agree with u.But in our real life hw can we forgate our past,as this past is also running with us in present & future some things in life we can’t change or we doing lot of hardwork to change that tuff things & just waiting for result for a long time.
    Your thought about Something,Multiplication & action are really positive towards our life.I really like it ,& i must implement in my life too.

    Mandar M shigwan

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