Rounded Corners by CSS

July 15, 2009

Getting bored by doing rounded corners with the images, then here is css property for the rounded corners.

For that we need file.

Follow the below steps:

1. Make class for the div. for eg: rounded_corner

2. Give following css properties.

border:1px #c0c0c0 solid;

3. Use this class for which you wanted rounded corners.

This will help you to reduce the images and also to download the page faster.

I heard these four words in our MM (Monthly Meeting). That time I was just hearing those words, Not listening. But now I really realized what the meaning of those words is.

This word contain when you want to create something that time you need to clear all the slum from the place. Then only you can create something.

In my life I used nothing as “clear your mind when you want to think something.” When some bad memories are with you then how can you create good memories??? Remove your past. Take only good memories, good lessons from your past. Remove bad things, bad experience. If you will do these things then only you will ready for accepting new things.

This word contain think something which you want to do. When there is something in your life to do then only you will go on top of the world. Because having AIM in the life teaches us how to achieve those.

Collect all those thinking which you want to implement.

Do some action on that which you are thinking.
And the main thing is accepting the truth. When you will do this then only you can do something on that. You can do action on which you are thinking.

So Friends if you will follow the same things then you will be happy for your life.. So All the best and Rock the world 🙂

Expectation Hurts

February 7, 2009

We are human being, so off-course there will some expectations from some one who are really closed to you. I don’t think so there is something wrong in this… Right???

But what if your expectations are not completed??? The person from whom you are expecting something is don’t even care about this or doing something purposely ??? That time you get hurt. Your thinking for that person get changed. May be you will not tell this to that person, You will not show the changes in your relation, but back of the mind it will be always there. From next time you will not expect things from that person. Because of this your relation get spoiled. So what should we do???

The answer will be don’t expect anything from any one. Why should we expect? May be that person is right from there point of view, and you are right from your side. And the main thing may be you are expecting from the wrong person 😀

If that person is really closed to you then tell him when your expectations are not completed, and its really affects on your the personal life and professional life too. And then also that person don’t care then leave it…. Because that person was not your close one.


October 11, 2008

Hello Friends,

Have a look on my portfolio…

Hello friends,

We always find issues of PNG in Internet Explorer 6. But Internet Explorer 7 resolves this issue completely. Then also some times we have to fight with Internet Explorer 6.

So here is the css style for the same:

filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src=’images/transparent.png’, sizingMethod=’scale’);

For example:

<div style=”filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src=’images/transparent.png’, sizingMethod=’scale’)”>

Picture of a leader

February 4, 2008

“THINK LIKE A HERO (Who can I help today?), WORK LIKE AN ARTIST (What else can we try?), REFUSE TO BE ORDINARY (Pursue excellence, then kill it.), and CELEBRATE (But take no credit.).”


November 12, 2007

We had “Rangoli Competition” in Magnet Technologies. 🙂

This was Magnet front door Rangoli.

1. BD & Utkarsh Team

2. System, Finance & Support Staff Team

3. PHP Team

4. RIA & Dotnet Team

5. Operations & QA Team